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Indie Authors & Books Recap for Week of April 30

Indies Authors & Books Recap

Steve Vernon, Last day of my freebie Kindle giveaway - BAD VALENTINES - a collection of weird stories for anyone who has ever been burned, spurned or has turned on love!!!​Bad-Valentines-ebook/dp/​B0075XA4HO

Rachel Hunter, Like Fantasy? Believe in Fate? Check out "Empyreal Fate" - Part One to the "Llathalan Annal" series:​Empyreal-Fate-Llathalan-Ann​al-ebook/dp/B007WWB24W

Sandy Wolters, In Ann Swann's 5 star novella, The Phantom Pilot seems to need something. But what could a couple of kids do to help a phantom?

Doreen Mcgettigan, BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP​ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-a​lias%3Dstripbooks&field-ke​ywords=doreen+mcgettigan&x​=7&y=13

Brian Bigelow By Michelle Hughes
 A great book for those who are out there looking to find a job. This book is broken down in sections so you can use a different idea for each of the 21 days. I don't know about other readers, but being strapped for time, the way this is setup is really informative and time-saving. If you're looking for ways to improve your job chances, then this is a must have.​days-improve-your-search-eb​ook/dp/B007D44QEW/

Karen Docter, My 4-week online workshop, The "W" Plot...Or The Other White Meat for Plotters, begins today at Colorado Romance Writers. Next class not til August so don't miss out! Still time to register.

Jen Blood, ‎"Jen Blood has created my favorite narrator of the decade: the whip-smart, sassy, and delightfully stubborn Erin Solomon. The story she tells--with its hidden turns, dry humor, enthralling pace, persuasive complexity, and vivid setting--is absolutely unforgettable. Blood is one hell of a writer." -- PEN Award-winning author Lewis Robinson. This week only, 5-star rated Erin Solomon mystery ALL THE BLUE-EYED ANGELS is just $.99!​All-the-Blue-Eyed-Angels-eb​ook/dp/B007B2IG1A/​ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335​796976&sr=8-1

Elysa Hendricks,

Marie Fostino, Romance books with a meaning.​Marie-Fostino/e/B003NQV32W/​ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0/​184-4674675-8203840

Carol Tibaldi, WILLOW POND Now through May 2 only $0.99!
As the Roaring Twenties crumble into the Great Depression, Virginia Kingsley, Ne...See More..
Pavarti K Tyler, New ways to cross promote are always a good idea! My friend Mosno Al-Moseeki wrote a song for Shadow on the Wall (releasing tomorrow!). his song is on my website available for download as well as embedded in the ebook. It will also be on his new album "Novella" with a shout out to me and Shadow! Such a fun way to support another artist and the song is gorgeous. He wrote it specifically for the character Darya and it's perfect. Go check it out and leave him some love if you don't mind.

MOSNO AL-MOSEEKI’s original composition for Shadow on the Wall | Fighting Monkey Press
Do you ever get the feeling that you are blessed?  That for whatever reason some...See More..
Rute Canhoto, Review: "Nate Rocks the Boat, Karen Pokras Toz! http://​​2012/04/​critica-review-nate-rocks-b​oat.html

Matt Patterson, "This book made me cry buckets as well as smile." > If you or someone you know has a special needs child, a little one battling cancer or are grieving the loss of a child, please give this a read or pass it along. Have a wonderful week everyone!​My-Emily-ebook/dp/​B0064WD744/​ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&i​e=UTF8&qid=1328072879&sr=1/-1

Gaiven Chasing Immortality Clairmont, Want to know why to make the erotic thriller Reality, Dreams and Nightmares one of the books you one-click today?
 In words
 1. Reality, Dreams and Nightmares is written in a unique style. Filled with flowing descriptions using erotically poetic expressions and metaphors that make you feel the character's emotions with stunning visuals.
 2. Despite it being erotic, my novel isn't laced with excessive expletives and vulgar terms. It's a totally different reading experience I want to take readers on.
 3. I personally handcrafted each chapter to end on a suspenseful high so that you'd feel compelled to read the next chapter to see what happens next.
 4. The twists and turns in the book is done in a way mirrored in most movies, these together with my chapter endings make Reality, Dreams and Nightmares a genuine page-turner.
 In numbers
 1. Reality, Dreams and Nightmares currently holds an avg. rating of 4.7 from 43 customer reviews.
 2. 31 of those reviews have been 5 star reviews
 3. It is currently rated #28 on Amazon's list of top rated erotica ebooks based only on customer reviews.
 I don't think there's anything else I can say to convince you to buy this book except tp say it's only 99 cents and it's only 1-click away ;)​Reality-Dreams-and-Nightmar​es-ebook/dp/B0070AIVSQ/​ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&i​e=UTF8&qid=1335801914&sr=1​-1

Toney La Tripp, With this being the promo thread, and this is the last day I'm offering this deal on my books, here we go:
 LAST DAY! Help me. I'm shooting for an end of the month goal. Get the start of the All Jacked Up series right now for less than $4. Normally it's $7. Right now you can get two novellas and a short story for less than $4! Don't miss this chance and have some great laughs while you're at it!

Karen Docter, Check out my **Author Peek**: Interview with Nicole Storey, Wednesday's Karen's Killer BOOK BENCH author of GRIMSLEY HOLLOW, THE CHOSEN ONE!
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Robert Stanek, Check out Karen Docter's **Author Peek**: Interview with Nicole Storey http://​​author-peek-interview-with-​nicole-storey.html @Nicole_Storey @KarenDocter Very cool!

Richard Hale, Blogging for Fun - Or The Reunion. In all seriousness, it's fun!

Brian Bigelow, Tomorrow my gardening manual Growing Things starts a two day free promo. Make sure you get your copy.

Bettie Betty Dravis, This is the most precious review I ever received. You MUST read it to see why. It brought bittersweet memories and tears to my eyes, but I treasure this man's thoughtfulness and caring. Thanks, John R. Please visit and give it some YES votes; he deserves it. - ♥ Betty ♥​ALKGA0Z2RPKFJ/​ref=cm_pdp_rev_all?ie=UTF8&​sort_by=MostRecentReview